Broadband & Talk


Using the internet should not be slow or frustrating at any time of the day. When you choose Sky Broadband, you can enjoy unlimited usage that will not slow down at peak times.

And for those who demand even more from their broadband, the Sky Fibre Unlimited package provides superfast and super unlimited connection.

All Sky Broadband customers also enjoy unlimited Sky WiFi at thousands of hotspots.

Cube Communications will ensure you experience an easy switch when you choose Sky Broadband or Sky Talk calls packages, by assigning a dedicated switch squad to you.

Sky broadband offers:

Fibre Max £35 per month new customers/upgrades 21/12/2016 to 23/02/2017 – Monthly cost £35.00 **18 month contract**
Fibre Unlimited £30 per month new customers/upgrades 21/12/2016 to 23/02/2017 – Monthly cost £30.00 **18 month contract**
Fibre 25GB £20 per month new customers/upgrades 21/12/2016 to 23/02/2017 – Monthly cost £20.00 **18 month contract**
Free NLP (New line provide) new customers/upgrades/SABB ends 30/03/2017
Free broadband unlimited new standalone BB only ends 23/02/2017 monthly cost – £17.40 **12 month contract**
Free 12GB BB for 12 months new customers ends to 30/03/2017 monthly cost – £17.40 **12 month contract**

Sky Talk packages include:

Sky Talk Anytime UK – with unlimited calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers
Sky Talk Anytime International gives you calls to UK landlines and overseas landlines to 50 countries
Sky Talk weekends with inclusive weekend calls to UK landlines

Cube Communications is also able to install the new Sky Broadband Shield – internet protection that can filter the websites available in your home and protect against infected sites. It allows you to have age settings on the internet usage in your home across all devices. The shield is free for all Sky Broadband customers.