Flat screen TV installation/wall mounting

Cube Communications can offer you a bespoke, wall mounting service for any flat screen TV, which can give you a greater viewing experience anywhere in your home.

Our local engineers can offer their expertise to help you decide the best place for your TV if you are unsure of where to mount it.

We will also install your flat screen TV without damaging any existing decorations or wallpaper in your house, as you can see below:


If you are moving home, we can remove existing wall mounted TVs as well.

We are also experts at providing discreet cabling so you do not see the wires in your home. We even offer cabling containment, which can go on the outside of your house and be covered so that there is not a messy look to your property, inside or out.

As you can see from the pictures below, our high standards have the most professional of outcomes:


If you want a TV on a chimney breast, then that is also no problem for us.

Our wall mounting experts can also supply and install a suitable bracket for your flat screen TV, or if you have your own equipment, then we can use that as well.

So if you are looking for a wall mounting service in Leeds then contact us now