Cube Communications can now supply, install & commission the HDanywhere revolutionary MHUB 4K Pro system.

If you want your home to be ready for the future, then this is the AV system for you.

The MHUB 4K Pro from HDanywhere allows video, audio and control around your entire home to be unified into one integrated system.

For example, you can start watching a Netflix film in one room, pause it, and continue watching it in another room.

It is an ultra UHD multiscreen system that allows you to access more than one platform in ultra-high definition at any one time.

The uControl app

The system comes with the uControl app, which is extremely easy to set up and helps to centralise all your entertainment systems into one easy-to-use place. The app helps you control the source device or the display screen simply from your smartphone, tablet or other device.

What is great about this system is that you do not need lots of different controls and set top boxes to make it work, which means the HDanywhere systems can improve the way your living space looks by reducing the need for messy wires.

The system has a central hub where all HDMI sources are connected and eight aluminium lightweight receiver units, which are positioned behind each screen. They draw power from the central hub, which is why you do not need additional power cables.

Eight 4K HDMI sources can share up to 16 long-range screen locations through network cabling, which can be up to 70 metres in length for UHD or short-range via HDMI cables.

As well as the systems with sixteen sources, we can offer those with four, two and one source.

Cube Communications is proud to be a HDanywhere pro, which means we can bring you all our expertise on how to make your home ready for ultra HD and the future.

If you are interested in installing any of the MHUB 4K system from HDanywhere, get in touch with us now.